High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator

The latest chest physiotherapy
for airway clearance.

High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator

The only High Frequency Chest Wall
Oscillator with a patented technology in Korea

  • Promoting discharge of lung secretions using oscillatory flows.
  • Continuous and independent treatment possible.
  • Guaranteed convenience and safety.
  • Reduction of care costs.



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KORUST Co., Ltd. Participate i…

KORUST Co., Ltd. Participate in Arab Health 2024, Establishing Foundation for Penetrating the Middle East Market with 'CAREWAY(HFCWO)'Global medical device specialist manufacturer Korust Corporation participated in Arab Health 2024 from January 24th to February 1st. Arab Health is the largest medical trade exhibition in the Middle East, providing a platform to encounter cutting-edge technologies, revolutionary concepts, and healthcare experts. This exhibition reportedly attracted over 100,000 buyers and stakeholders according to the organizers' statistics, with a significant increase in buyer consultations regarding their products compared to when they participated in the Korea Pavilion five years ago.KORUST Co., Ltd. showcased medical devices developed with its patented technology, centered around the electric chest wall oscillation device 'CAREWAY' (Export name: CAREWAY) and the CENTERLESS LIFTING device'UTIMS A3' (Domestic product name: New Terra). Many buyers who visited their booth showed great interest in 'CAREWAY (HFCWO)', and consultations on various products were held not only with Middle Eastern companies but also with buyers from Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.'CAREWAY' is an electric chest wall oscillation device developed and commercialized with domestic patented technology to aid patients with difficult sputum (lung secretions) discharge. This product, a high-frequency chest wall oscillation device, was developed and commercialized in 2013, and it is being applied to patients post-surgery, critically ill patients, patients with muscle weakness, those with difficulty in spontaneous breathing, and pneumonia patients in university hospitals and general hospitals nationwide.Additionally, the product has obtained certifications such as CE, KFDA, and SFDA, and it is being sold worldwide with its high technological capabilities and safety. It has gained steady popularity in the Saudi Arabian region, with many cases of delivery to national hospitals.In November, at the Global Health 2023 exhibition held in Saudi Arabia, there was a visit from Ambassador Park Jun-yong, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, who expressed significant interest in KORUST Co., Ltd.'s products at their booth. KORUST Co., Ltd. announced plans to actively promote their innovative medical devices with their technological prowess in the Middle East region and to increase their market share moving forward.inquiry : sales@korust.comwebsite : https://careway.co.kr/eng/ 

KORUST Successfully Concludes …

 KORUST Co., Ltd. a global medical device manufacturing company, announced that it successfully showcased its technological prowess and product excellence at the recent 'Global Health 2023 Exhibition' and received acclaim from participants.The Global Health 2023 Exhibition in Saudi Arabia is an event that introduces the latest trends, technologies, and innovative products in the medical industry, allowing access to the latest technologies, equipment, and services from medical companies worldwide. The exhibition primarily attracted hospital professionals and buyers from Saudi Arabia, with participation from buyers in neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.KORUST presented innovative medical devices, with a focus on the electric chest percussion vibrator 'CAREWAY' and the skin lifting device 'UTIMS A3'. 'CAREWAY' a product certified by SFDA, has gained steady popularity in the Saudi region for the past nine years, thanks to its high technology and safety, and is widely used in many national hospitals. 'UTIMS A3' is a skincare product developed strategically for entry into the rapidly growing Saudi Arabian market, utilizing CENTERLESS LIFTING patented technology. It aims to explore the response of the market in the Middle East and seeks successful penetration into the Middle Eastern market. Furthermore, Ambassador Park Jun-yong of Saudi Arabia visited the Global Health 2023 Exhibition and took the opportunity to introduce 'CAREWAY' and 'UTIMS A3'. Ambassador Park expressed significant interest in KORUST's products and actively supported the company's entry into Middle Eastern countries.A company representative stated, "Since there were limited opportunities to directly introduce our products in the Middle East after COVID-19, the Global Health 2023 Exhibition was an excellent opportunity to showcase our technological capabilities and product range to Middle Eastern countries." The representative added, "We will continue to strive to develop medical devices with innovative technology to provide practical assistance to patients and healthcare professionals."Additionally, KORUST has been recognized for its innovative capabilities and potential in its proprietary technology, being selected as a 'Global Strong Enterprise 1,000+ Project' company. The company has also received ▲ a grade A designation for technology innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (Inno-Biz) ▲ certification as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise in Gyeonggi Province. The electric chest percussion vibrator introduced at this exhibition was also selected as a next-generation world-class product.Inquiry : sales@korust.comCAREWAY for homecare : https://bettra.co.kr/us/main/index.php

KORUST Co., Ltd. Launches Batt…

Global medical device manufacturer KORUST Co., Ltd. announced on the 30th that they are releasing a new battery-powered version of HFCWO(High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator) 'CAREWAY.'The electric chest percussion vibrator 'CAREWAY' was developed using pure domestic technology to assist patients who have difficulty with lung secretions and mucus discharge. It was the first product of its kind developed in South Korea and has obtained patents and CE certification. It is currently being exported worldwide.The principle of 'CAREWAY' involves delivering high-frequency air vibrations to the lung area through an air vest worn by the patient. This generates a shearing effect on lung secretions within the lung cells and airways, facilitating their removal, either through direct expectoration by the patient or with the use of suction.This product is considered the most effective method in chest physiotherapy (CPT) and does not require any special skills or breathing techniques, making it easy for anyone to use.KORUST Co., Ltd. has released the battery-powered version of HFCWO(High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator)'CAREWAY' to make the product more convenient and user-friendly. It can be used for 5.6hours on a single charge, eliminating the inconvenience of plugging and unplugging power cords. It also features enhanced mobility to meet the needs of hospitals and intensive care units.KORUST Co., Ltd. representative stated, "The release of the battery-powered 'CAREWAY' provides greater convenience compared to existing products, especially for those who need to use it in various spaces and hospital rooms. We ask for your attention."In addition to 'CAREWAY,' KORUST Co., Ltd. is a global medical device manufacturer that has developed patented products such as the electric chest percussion vibrator 'Bettra,' and the high-intensity focused ultrasound medical device 'UTIMS,' which can also be used at home. In 2020, they were selected as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise in Gyeonggi Province.inquiry : sales@korust.com----------------CAREWAY battery specification view more >Maximum Usage Time: 5.6 hours (based on pulse 10 / intensity 7) *actual maximum usage time may vary· Recommended for use in busy ICUs and large patient rooms.· Can be used without a power cord thanks to the built-in battery.  


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