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Korust Co., Ltd., a global medical device manufacturing company, announced that they participated in 

the "K-Business Day in Dubai Exhibition" held on June 12th and 13th of 2023, showcasing CAREWAY, 

the high-frequency chest wall oscillation(HFCWO) device developed with Korust’s patented technology 

in the Middle East region.


During this exhibition, South Korea’s minister of SMEs and Startups, Lee Young, and UAE’s minister of 

Economy, H.E. Abudulla Bin Touq Al Marri, visited the booth. Korust’s representative was chosen to 

make a presentation of CAREWAY among many Korean companies participated in the exhibition. 

Minister Lee Young showed great interest in CAREWAY’s proven technological capabilities and encouraged 

the company by stating that it could become a leading product in the respiratory market in the Middle East region.


CAREWAY is a medical device that utilizes high-frequency chest wall oscillation(HFCWO) therapy to generate 

shearing effects on pulmonary secretions, mucus in the lungs and bronchi, and fine dust, thereby reducing 

the viscosity of pulmonary secretions and facilitating their expulsion.  

It was the first high-frequency chest wall oscillation(HFCWO) device developed in South Korea and 

has been commercialized since 2013. It has already gained recognition for its technological capabilities and 

effectiveness in domestic general hospitals and university hospitals, surpassing a domestic market share of 

approximately 50% and establishing a competitive position similar to that of products from American companies.


A representative from Korust stated, "To actively enter the respiratory medical device market in the Middle East region,

 we plan to participate in the Global Health Exhibition scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia in October 2023. 

Through meetings with hospitals already equipped with CAREWAY and the discovery of new exclusive distribution 

partners in the Middle East region, we aim to expand our market."

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