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KORUST, Donating HFCWO (High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator) to John's House in Yong-In. Helping to treat people with severe brain lesions.
admin  |  2020.09.28  |  Views : 394

Korust Co., Ltd. (CEO Cho Seong-chan) made an announcement on the 27th that they visited  John's House, a Catholic Association of Korea, a social welfare corporation located in Cheoin-gu, Yongin City, and donated a high frequency chest wall vibrator (model name Todak=Careway) .

Todaki (Careway) is a product that generates air vibrations in air vests, releasing secretions from chest walls, airway and lungs. Recently, it is also effective in releasing waste secretions caused by virus infections such as COVID19, and it is also being used to prevent and treat COVID19. This donated product will be used to treat severely disabled people living in John's House. 

CEO Cho Seong-Chan said, The decision was made after John's house confirmed that a medical device was needed for airway discharge and breathing rehabilitation for people with severe brain lesions. And I hope the donated product will be used to treat people with severe brain lesions who are suffering.

Kim Tae Hee Reporter.

(2021-03-16 1:01:26)